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NTX Spirit Drum Circle Camp – Canceled

Coronavirus Cancelation – With Texas being at a peak for both Coronavirus and Heat, we feel it’s best to forgo the July 18th NTX Spirit Drum Circle event. This isn’t an easy decision, we’re doing our best with what we know and appreciate your understanding. Even though much of our world has been in lockdown, so many things are underway here at Love’s Way. We’re still growing thanks to Our Tribe, still working to make this a special place for you.

Be Love and Be Loved; thanks again for your understanding.


Each month our tribe gathers; children born of Heaven and Earth remembering who we truly are and manifesting Love in our world as we play and grow together. We come from many walks of life, from different beliefs and experiences. We are united in that we are all spirits having a human experience and walking towards Love as we give each other room to grow. Come share your spirit with us! If the world has you hiding in your cave, come get some Love! We know the world can seem like a dry desert, but there is a water that springs eternal and YOU are part of that great water!
We make music, dance, play, make art, cook out and enjoy nature together. Bring your drums/music makers, toys, creation supplies, something to sit on (chair/blanket) and food if you can. This is a cookout/potluck; bring your camp cooking setup or use what we have in the old barn. If you don’t have drums, toys or food that’s ok because we like to share!
This monthly camp happens on a sacred woodland featuring hidden meadows, streams and a little lake; hiking and camping are encouraged, the land will speak to you if you are listening. Camping is primitive, we do have a porto potty and a water hose near the fire pit. A large tent (Lotus Bell) will be set up for those who just want a place for their sleeping bag without all the tent setup. Remember to honor your Mother Earth and pick up after yourself; show respect and Love to the wildlife. Prepare for an outdoor experience with all manners of wildlife including coyotes, beavers, deer, eagles, hawks and armadillos; please be conscious of where you are and be safe.
This is a leave no trace event! We are honored to spend time in nature and observe all life here as our sisters and brothers. Be respectful and Loving of the other creatures whom live here. Leave the land cleaner than you found it, give your gift of consciousness and Love to our mother (Earth).
Cost: this event is donation based. If you have abundance then please help out by donating what you can. If you are not in a season of abundance then come receive, share in our tribes abundance and worry not about cost.
Gates Open: 12:00 noon
Dinner: 6:00pm
Openning circle: 7:00pm
COVID ADVISORY: Be conscious, use critical thinking and look out for your brothers and sisters; care about your tribe! Everyone is dealing with this in the best way they are able, honor the wishes of others. There is plenty of room to practice social distancing at what ever level you require; be safe and be kind.
*We are on Summer Schedule*
During the winter we join our event with Drum Circle Round the Moon, the schedule follows the moon cycle.
During the summer we switch the schedule to the 3rd Saturday of each month.
-= Directions from Denison =-
Take Main St East, this turns into FM120.
Go a half a mile from town and turn Right onto FM1753.
Stay on FM1753 for 2.8 miles and look for the Singletree Rd sign.
Turn Left onto Singletree Rd, this will turn into Oak Ridge Rd.
Continue for 2 miles through some turns, you will see the sign for Love’s Way on the Left.
Enter the private drive and go over the bridge, continue and you’ll see another gate for Love’s Way on the right.
If the gate is open it may be hard to see the sign, it’s the 1st gate you come to though.
Drive through the gate and up the hill. There is a turn around at the top of the hill, it’s a good idea to turn around and park along the fence/road on the right.

The event is finished.

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Jul 18 - 19 2020

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