Our Mission

Living in Love with the elements, with Heaven, with Earth and with breath itself; we create “Love’s Way”. It is more than a camp, a community garden or a place to connect with nature; it is a lifestyle we experience and share with others as we grow on the inside. In our growth, we focus on the heart and appreciation; finding our way back to Love.

Learning to support ourselves sustainably and with abundance is a core focus. To develop the footprint and tooling is part of the joy in our experience. We take our time to create with skill and in balance with the life around us. We learn about ourselves as we make our way.

Humankind’s ambition has brought all of the world to new levels of unity and innovation. In our world’s exponential growth, we have not always taken the time to grow emotionally or in our hearts. We observe a world where some take advantage of others and do not create balance in the way they exist; often to the detriment of those they would profit from. The Earth belongs to all of us and Love’s Way will set forth an example of unity and creating abundance to share.

It is imperative that our society continue to foster the seed of unity and to learn to think in ways that implement our world for the sake of all rather than the sake of one; even if only on a local scale. In nature we see the example of the apple tree which gives freely when it is in season. It does not count how many apples were taken and gives to all. This example is shown again and again in nature; we want to be as the apple tree. To plant strong roots and grow so that we can bless our brother and sisters as we create seasons of abundance in our learning experience.

In practice we provide a camp in nature featuring events to celebrate, learn and experience being one tribe in Love. We provide workshops on a variety of topics around sustainable building, electronics, software, trade crafts, agriculture, aquaculture, land management, water management, waste management, self care, meditation, qigong, kung fu, artistic expression and most importantly Love! In our learning process we will create many things and experiment to learn the best ways. Where practical, we will utilize the creations to share abundance with those who need it. Abundance is not limited to food or crafts, but also artistic expression, hugs and Love it self.