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Moving Meditation and Energy Development December 4 2021

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Join us as we practice meditation and energy development in a beautiful place (the Love’s Way Ranch)! Although this class is being taught by an advanced practitioner, it is for people of any experience level. The class is taught by Red Pheonix, an 18th generation master level student of the Dragon Gate Lineage. Master Pheonix teaches from the heart and with experience.

This class will focus on cultivating energy in nature as we practice breathing and meditation fundamentals. Apart from working on the fundamentals together, we’ll also learn more advanced methods as we progress. Some of our exercises will be very vibrant, imagine yourself being a tiger in the woods! Some will be very still, because we’ll be doing work internally.

In many ways it is a very simple practice; breath and be in love with the air you’re breathing! Our minds can make things so complex though. To this end, we’ll also talk about ‘consciousness’ and explore the ways we can overcome our old nature, let go of our past and find healing enough to love ourselves! Dealing with all of these things is actually a requirement for meditation, a practicality for this course called life.

How does this benefit me!? These practices will greatly improve your bodies energy flow, if you continue the practices you will open things you never knew were there! It’s great for reducing blood pressure, anxiety and stress; you will connect to your body in a new way and have new tools for slowing down your body in elevated situations. Learning to express energy is also part of what we learn; this is great for shy people or people who wish to improve their confidence in general. The culmination of these practices will also help you to develop energy healing skills without using other masters Fu’s or other tricks sold by the world. Apart from healing energy, you will also experience an increase in your intuition and empathetic perception. Many of these techniques have been guarded secrets for thousands of years; one of the few places you can learn them from is a Master of Longmen Pai (Dragon Gate Lineage).

If the weather is good we’ll be outside so prepare for an outside experience. Bring water to drink (and to charge with energy) as well as a mat to sit/lay on. After the event you’re welcome to hang out and enjoy the countryside. Feel free to bring fruit or a light snack to share with others.

There is no hard cost, but we do ask for a donation to the non profit Keepers of Love’s Way. This teaching is certainly worth your money, but we want to set a better example; one of giving when we are in a season of abundance. Because of this we want to offer this teaching to all who are willing to empty their cup and listen.

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Dec 04 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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