Perfect as You Are

Hello there traveler, I see you and you are perfect as you are! No matter what situation you find yourself in right now, you are doing exactly what you came here to do; learn so you can grow your heart! You may be in a situation you feel overwhelms you or perhaps are experiencing loss and heartbreak; you are not alone! You are not alone because we all experience these same things, you are not alone because your experience has always been in the hands of Love. You are not alone because you are a part of the Light of Love. God is Love!

How does this explain all the bad things that happen in our world? If God is Love then why would God/Love allow these horrible things to happen? First let me say that this takes great experience to understand; if it does not make sense now, Love will teach you. One way I explain this is with something I’ve learned about compassion; ‘Once I thought compassion was helping my friend back up, now I know that compassion is the smile that can see the medicine in their fall’.

If you’ve ever seen a person who can stand against the destruction in their life, or stand against anger and pressure without loosing it; it is because that person has learned through their mistakes! Our hardships are a required part of our learning! One perspective we take is to rage against the hardships and blame all else, but more often than not we are truly fighting ourselves. Another perspective is to accept the hardship in Love and with open eyes continue walking, knowing that Love abounds and that we are so much more than the flesh represented in this world.

This means that it is ok to Love those you think are doing wrong! It is even ok to Love yourself even though you know you have done others wrong! So long as you learn and improve your nature, you must walk through these things to better yourself! This does not mean that we should put ourselves in harms way; use your mind and intuition to keep yourself from harm. At the same time, Love that other person who is growing, Love and forgive yourself for the bad things you’ve done; still Love and forgive those who have brought you harm! Until we are able to do these things, our past exists as chains, keeping our mind in a bitter cycle, keeping our heart from the freedom it seeks to know. Want to have hope for yourself… find the freedom of having hope for others!

There is a difference in how we make our way through this world. Without the realization of Love, we fight against the current and cause ourselves anxiety and stress. With the realization of Love we flow with all the rest of the water in harmony as we make our way back to the source. Water has no intention yet it always finds its way back to the whole.

If you find yourself in a dark place and have never known that you are a child of heaven then I have something to show you. It is inside of you, it has always been with you. The only thing it takes to start is to choose and ask! You must be ready to receive, listen calmly in your heart so that you can hear that great voice beyond your own. Love is yours to claim, peace is yours to know; ask the Great Spirit to fill you, to pour the spirit of Love over you and to nurture and teach you. If you are ready to receive now; I speak the Love and Light of the Living Creator over you… I speak to the place where you stand and call upon Heaven and Earth to invoke that Love in your very presence, to fill your heart and break you open to wash you anew in the true water of the living spirit! I love you, thank you for loving me.

We are all one Spirit, one Love; our world is waking to the most powerful thing we’ve never known… LOVE!