The concept of Love’s Way began as the hearts desire of one person, Brian McGowan. His life of learning was destined to result in sharing the light of heaven.

When Brian was a young man he was imprisoned for marijuana. He spent that time in meditation and growing in his living relationship with the One Creator. The night before he was to be released something very powerful happened. As he settled in for the night he looked up into the darkness and was suddenly consumed from head to toe by a vibration. He felt as if he were raising up into the air although he could not see for there was no light in this prison. As the vibration grew to be more consuming, Brian was shown a vision of himself in the future and a world needing to know the Love that heaven has for it.

Since this time, Brian has travelled the world in search of deepening his experience. In his travels he spent time in China and Tibet learning from the old masters of the Dragon Gate school; this is a Kung Fu lineage focused on internal development and energy. Brian became a Master in the lineage and continues his practice to this day. In his training, Brian went without food for weeks in the Himalayas, practicing the technique of using Love to sustain our bodies. Imagine that; there is a Kung Fu lineage that teaches people to breath and be in Love with all of life! After a few weeks of meditation and breathing in the consciousness of Love, Brian was able to stop his heart for over a minute on command; it’s amazing what we find when we take time to be still and listen. If you would like to know more, we’ve archived an article he wrote after the experience.

Throughout all of these adventures, The Creator has shown Brian many things. These stories will be shared as time goes on, but there is one story in particular that’s quite amazing. Around 1996 Brian was shown a vision of the future; he saw that he would live in Texas along with the rest of his family, he also saw himself with a woman who was his significant other. There were tornadoes everywhere, a most impressive amount of them, but Brian knew that he and his family were safe from them. Next, Brian found himself on a sandy red dirt road next to his significant other, there were tornados all around and one was coming right towards them. When Brian’s significant other expressed some fear, Brian said it’s ok and that they were safe. At that time Brian covered her on the road and the tornadoes passed by with no harm.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Brian was reunited with his childhood sweetheart, a best friend with whom he shared an amazing innocent relationship with. In their reunion his soon to be wife found an old journal from 1996, one in which she wrote about a dream she had. In her dream, she saw a future distraught with tornadoes and a man from God walking down a road towards her, he covered her and told her it would be ok. Imagine the shock, the amazement in realizing that this actually happened. Soon there after they were married and now walk together, knowing that Love has got them!

Brian currently works a day job to support Love’s Way, and is working towards growing it to into its own entity that can bring this knowledge and freedom to all of the world!